Renewable Energy

Hannaby and Jones Ltd can design and install a solar PV panel installation that will significantly reduce your electrical energy consumption and reduce your carbon foot print. By utilising the most up to date battery storage systems to store surplus energy during the daytime that you can use later in the day.

We are often asked if solar panels work in the UK due to our sometimes unreliable hours of sunshine, the simple answer is yes as they even work on cloudy days. The more sunshine we get then the more electricity is produced but even when cloudy there is still sufficient amount of solar radiation to generate electricity.

Solar PV being installed
Domestic solar panels in Wrexham
Renewable energy unit

Ideally your roof should face between east and west and be free of shadows to maximise solar generation however we can fit optimisers that help overcome the effects of shading on the panel. There is a solar solution for all types of roof, either pitched or flat roof.

Once installed solar panels require very little maintenance.

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